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tv   ABC 7 News  ABC  March 26, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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>> damage has been done. >> lisa: the damage is everywhere. it spreads from pacific cove mobile home park to capitola village. officials say heavy rain and flash flooding are to blame for the wall of water. it happened as crews were repairing a massive storm drain that burst in the same area thursday. as of yesterday, it and the sink hole it caused were drying out. >> a step backwards. we were pretty surprised. the national weather service did give the possibility of heavy rain. we got it again. and with the soil being so saturated after last week, didn't talk much to cause the water to come don the hill. >> lisa: and straight into businesses like this one. >> standing water. >> a river running through my building. it's pretty sad. >> lisa: the disappointment is on display. people came from all over just
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to see what happened to downtown capitola. police finally forced people off capitola avenue, so the cleanup could begin. getting these out of the street was a priority, but then police found another problem. a gas leak. >> this month alone i think we have been out to evacuate at least three times. with the tsunami warning, and then with the two flood warnings here, and now the gas leak. at it just ongoing. >> lisa: health inspectors came through today and said the gas issue has been resolved. meantime, the officers are turning away drivers. this area is still offlimits to cars. but it is open to pedestrians, but still police cannot emphasize enough to stay away if you can. live in capitola. lisa amin gulezian. abc-7 news. been a long week.
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>> alan: we are get something amazing photos sent by viewers through ureport powered by youtube. this one was taken from a bridge above capitola village. more than a foot of water running right through downtown. there's a big mess for drivers headed south on highway 17 from the south bay to santa cruz. the right lane is closed because of a downed tree and a mudslide. in scotts valley, part of this road was washed away. traffic is down to one lane there, and neighbors there are already trying to dig themselves out of a 200-foot landslide from earlier this week. you can upload your weather photos and video to ureport at e-mail them to us at kgotv >> this rain has been relentless. let's get a check on the rain totals so far with leigh glaser.
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>> leigh: the storm that gave us the rain this morning has moved to the east. checking on live doppler 7hd. a few cells remaining. you can see a little bit of moisture heading over towards dixon, and in the east bay, looking at this cell over the 205, and that is thinning out. rainfall totals quite impressive, especially south. santa cruz, over two inches of rain. north bay, st. helena, over an inch. close to an inch in mill valley. over an inch in oakland and lesser amounts livermore valley and san jose. more rain is in our accuweather forecast for tomorrow. i promise after that you're really going to like the forecast. >> alan: thank you very much, leigh. there's more to see in marin county, a rockslide is forcing evacuations from three homes. tomas roman is in mill valley.
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>> reporter: we're here on miller avenue in mill valley. the slide happened up on the hill on it -- ethel avenue. the mud was stopped before it reached miller avenue. officials are calling the slide minor but one family wonders when they can return home. at noon today the ground started to give way. public works officials say the mud sly was caused by oversaturated soil from recent rains. the mud was stopped by condos before hitting the street. this home on ethel avenue was evacuated this afternoon. officials are calling the slide minor but expect the section of road to be closed for a month until repairs can be made. the most impacted home is this one. it had been red-tagged because of the slide and utilities had to be cut off. >> the water thine the house was
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damaged so we were able to shut the water off. we evacuated the home immediately below the slide, and at the bottom of the slide off miller avenue. so three homes evacuated right now. >> reporter: what did they toll you initially? >> please leave. >> reporter: what did you do? >> i left. >> some geotechnical person, see how stable the hillside was, and asked for us to leave while they did that. but i don't know if they have done that. >> reporter: they're saying it's stable, and they're going to -- >> reporter: area residents say the road closure will cause them a minor inconvenience, but they worry that one of their neighbors may not be able to come home for some time. we're told by the two families that were evacuated from the condos here on miller avenue, they're going to be able to come home tonight and stay, but there's going to be a lot of noise because they're going to start working on this section of ethel road that has been closed.
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they're going to lay a tarp and drive pilings in to prevent the slide from going downhill any further. reporting live in mill valley. abc-7 news. >> alan: on to the peninsula. highway 84 is completely shut down between woodside and skyline. the landslide there has trees blocking the highway, and no word yet on when that road might re-open. more flooding in sonoma county, highway 121 near highway 126789 it was -- highway 12. it hat since re-opened. in santa rosa, 18 inches of water covered these streets in the todd road area. a few trucks managed to navigate the flood. >> a hillside is slipping out from under two homes in san pablo. mud is washing down from the homes on one street, into the backyards of homes on the street below. you can see in this picture from sky 7hd, at least one family is packing up and going. john alston downs -- joins us
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with the store. >> reporter: six homes in some type of jeopardy here, three on top of the hill, three on the bottom of the him the house hip me is in trouble, which forced the owners to pack up their belongings. little by little, the earth and brick around this home have been breaking i. and sliding downhill. >> if they don't hurry up and get some help or get some heavy equipment out here to start shoring this up, this hill will end up down there on my neighbor's home. >> get more. >> reporter: today the walkers are packing up and moving. the city of san pablo says it's unsafe to live here and will be putting them up in a hotel for a few days. >> i'm just sad. this is my house, actually. the only house we ever had. just going down the hill. and there's no way to stop it.
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nothing. save it. lose a house in one day. >> reporter: members of the church have been helping them get belongings out of the home. >> we're a which you -- church family, and whenever there's a problem or crisis, we're family and we try to stick together. >> the walkers had a beautiful backyard. this is what it looked like before yesterday. and this is what it looks like now as the land is slowly eaten away. landslides have happened before in this neighborhood. a former neighbor showed us a photo of a how collapsed next to the walkers' home in the mid-70s, and then repair work on nearby hillcrest in 1980s. >> i was seven years old, i remember talking to the contractors when they were building the house asking them, did you know there were houses that slid down before? and just building and building. >> reporter: the city of san pablo had an engineering checking the soil around the
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landslide. >> trike to -- trying to take care of the emergency, and safety of the folked that are here. >> reporter: at least one other family has decided to pack up and leave voluntarily. some neighbors claim there may be some type of underwater water source which could be weakening the ground. the city is checking into that. san pablo also considering creating a local emergency, which could free federal disaster funds to help anymore here. >> alan: the storm watch continues. up next. rocks fall from a cliff. new concerns about rockslides in san francisco. and with all the snow in the
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>> closed captioning brought to >> closed captioning brought to >> alan: in san francisco a pair of two boulders broke loose and landed on two cars. no one was hurt but the road has been shut down. officials say it will stay shut down until at least 24 hours after the rain has stopped, and
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just to make sure that hill is stabilized. residents in 160 homes in the pleasant ridge area are being warned not to drink the tap water until at least monday because a water main was damaged by a landslide on friday. crews were able to build a bypass, and residents are urged to consive -- conserve water. >> people heading to the sierra were caught in traffic for two hours. ski areas report it another four feet of snow on top of the snow they have already received. the forest service says avalanche danger is possible. chains are required on i-80 from placer county to the donner lake interchange. no chains required on highway 50 but there's a high wind advisory. up next, the forecast.
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we'll see -- will we see more snow and rain this weekend? and when will we see the sun? leigh glaser knows. >> mike: oops, they did it again. the butler bulldogs, the last year cinderella team in the ncaa finals has advanced to the final four with another upset against second seeded florida. that's comomomomomomomomomomomom
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>> alan: a livermore mother has been sentenced to five years in prison on four felony counts for having sexual relationships with two boys. hub, who is heard with three children, was arrested last year after police got a tip she was having sex with boys younger than 15. >> all the rain in clear lack caused the evacuation of the town. you can see how high the water level is out there. caused more than a foot of water to flood the area. leigh glaser is here. i'm ready to see the sun. >> leigh: everyone is. a little break in the clouds today, so we are expect something dry conditions
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overnight tonight. we have one more storm system that will sneak in here tomorrow night to bring us more light rain. here's a live shot from the high definition east bay camera. a few clouds and clear patches. live doppler 7hd. the rain from this morning has pushed out of the bay area. maybe a little mist and drizzle but that's it tonight. temperatures, 52 in fairfield. concord, 54. 52 in san francisco. san jose, clouds and sun breaks. 54. and 54 in los gatos. here's a look at the highlights. partly cloudy conditions. with all the moisture around, we'll look for the development of patchy fog overnight. also still see a little mist and drizzle. but most o of the rain will move out and it will return by tomorrow afternoon, and the next storm system is main lay north bay system. of that, warm are temperatures next week. here's a look at the lows
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tonight. santa rosa, 40. 48 for san francisco. near the water's edge we could see fog develop. and san jose getting down to 44 degrees. this is the cold front that brought us the heavy rain overnight last night. we're on the back side of it. this is a bit of clearing that we'll get into tonight, and this is the next system that will move in here by late sunday afternoon, early sunday evening. here's a look at the timeline. overnight tonight, basically dry. watch out for the fog developing, and 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, just start to see the moisture push south. by 1:00 tomorrow afternoon, the north bay should start to see light rain developing, and then by 8:00, 9:00 tomorrow night, that's when the bulk of the system moves through. here's a fast-mover. not a lot of rain. looks leak the monday morning commute will be dry. how much rainfall? maybe another quarter inch in the north bay. that's it. trace amounts elsewhere.
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here's a look at the highs for sunday. if you have plans, make them outdoors in the morning because late afternoon the moisture starts to feed in. temperatures, mid-to-upper 50s. oakland, 60. antioch, 61. increasing clouds late in the day there. we get through this weak storm system tomorrow night, early monday morning, and then look at tuesday, wednesday, thursday, higher pressure will start to finally build in. clears out. bringing plenty of sunshine. make plans for something out doors with temperatures climbing into the 70s. >> alan: woo-hoo. i don't believe it. let's talk to shu. pretty amazing upset in the tournament. >> mike: well, to some people they think it's an upset. but eave year in the ncaa tournament, you have the cinderella team that performs way past expectations. butler was the team last year, and this year the slipper still
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fits for the bulldogs. looking for their second straight trip to the final four. game tied. one-handed thunder. sparks a 12-one run by the gators, and they're up by 11. but the bulldogs rally. matt howard off the glass. we're tied at 57. final seconds, game tied. florida for the win. but irving walker shot off the iron. we head to o.t. bull does down one. mac from deep. he had 27. gators down three, and walker for the tie. ain't gonna happen. eighth seed butler is heading to houston after the victory over florida. also in the west region, arizona and uconn, and uconn holds on for a 65-63 victory. high school boys basketball state championships in sacramento. division 3, -- shop -- bishop
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falls. as for the girls in the division 3 championship, bishop comes up short against st. joseph, and in division 4, st. marys of berkeley drops one. a tough day for northern california teams. >> the giants are almost home returning to at&t park for the bay bridge series against the a's. today they wind down cactus league action. sporting an 18-11 spring training record. giants strike first. pat burrell finds a hole. tim lincecum did not have his best stuff. fred lewis, see ya. 4-1 reds. at the bottom of the frame. for rex drives one deep to left. it's in the shade so he thinks he just tied the game with a homer. it was actually off the wall. torres in his home run trot.
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gets picked off at third. the giants go on to the victory. >> may not have an nfl football season this year but we had fortunately at the coliseum. mexico facing paraguay. mexican fans not shy about their allegiance to their soccer team. hernandez with the header, beats paraguay's keeper. 1-0 mexico. later in the half. guardado. they go up 2-0. mexico wasn't done. 4th minute. hernandez again delivers the blow. second goal of the game, and mexico goes on to a 3-1 victory. >> let's tee it up for the king. arnie's army showed up in force at the arnold palmer invitational. this is not country club etiquette. tiger lost the handle today.
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lips out. 2-over 7 4. trevor immelman, our shot of the day. second on the par-4 first. 186 yards away. the eagle has landed. shoot 4-under 68. 5-under. rickie fowler from the beach on 16. watch this. holes it for birdie. fowler, 6-under after 7. the leader is martin laird. 11-under. leads spencer leavinely two strikes. >> celebrity bowling for bucks in albany. current red skin, lorenzo alexander holding the bowling party to help his foundation. >> great to talk to the kids so they can relate to us. i came from here. and then they can also visualize, he came from the same
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situation and i can make it as well. >> alan: we'll be back with a final look at all the storm
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>> alan: heavy rainfall caution flooding problems all over the bay area. capitola is dealing with extreme
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flooding. more than a foot of water rushed through the village, damaging businesses. traffic is down to one lane there and in mill valley, mudslide forced the evacuation of six homes. a lot of loose hillsides, some homes literally on the edge of the hills. thanks for joining us. good night. captioned by closed captioning services inc.
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